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Welcome to the American Iris Society Region 22ís website. By visiting us, we hope you learn a little about us and will want to join us. Your suggestions on how to make this site more helpful would be appreciated. Our goal is to serve two different groups of people:

Our current members, by posting the most current information on the regionís activities

Those of you who may want to become members, by letting you know a bit about us and our activities and by posting information of general interest about growing irises in our region

Membership in Region 22 is automatic for American Iris Society members whose principle residence is located in the states of Arkansas or Oklahoma. There are no other requirements for membership in the Region 22 organization.

Donít know how to join the AIS? Just go to their website at American iris Society and you can join or renew a membership online using the PayPal process. If you donít have a PayPal account you can use the process and make your payment with your MasterCard or Visa.

You can also join the AIS (and Region 22 if you live in Arkansas or Oklahoma) by contacting the AIS Membership Secretary, Tom Gormley, P. O. Box 177, DeLeon Springs, FL 32130, 386-277-2057.

Dues Are:
Single Annual
(one member, one year)
Single Triennial
(one member, three years)
Dual Annual
(two members, same address, one year)
Dual Triennial
(two members, same address, three years)
Youth with Bulletin
(under 19 years of age, one year)
Youth without Bulletin
(under 19 years of age, one year, when sponsoring
adult is AIS member)